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Dental Treatment

Buck Dental Health Associates work very hard to meet you and your family's dental health needs. Whether your child needs a filling, or you are in need of an extraction, our staff has you covered. Our office is quiet, peaceful, and serene as to invoke the utmost relaxed atmosphere.

You'll enjoy our friendly staff and quiet office setting. New patients are always welcome.


When your teeth have been severely damaged and are beyond repair,

crowns can often come to the rescue. Crowns help restore your smile and allow you to eat and chew easier. It is typical for crowns to last 20 to 30 years past initial treatment.


Dentures are an appliance that is inserted into your mouth, which replaces your natural teeth. Dentures will help you eat, chew, and speak better. Our office will handle all fabrication of your dentures as well as helping you determine which type will work best for your current situation.


We are pleased to inform you that Buck Dental Health Associates is a mercury-free practice. If you happen to have mercury fillings, we can replace them for you with porcelain or tooth colored restorations.

Fillings and restorations

Dental treatments for your every need

Dental implants

When your teeth have succumbed to periodontal disease, accidents, and other misfortunes, dental implants might be what you need. Implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like your natural set. Regain the ability to eat normally again and smile with confidence.

Other dental treatments we offer:

• Amalgam fillings

• Dental sealants

• Bridges

• Tooth extractions

• Gum disease laser therapy

• Non-surgical root canal

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